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Oct 23, 2012 9:00pm PDT
. >> well 14 days to good before election day. and barack obama and mitt romney are powering across the country. practically half dozen states for each of them in 48 hours time. story tonight from david muir. >> mad dash to the finish line. president and mitt romney with the final argument. >> i am fired up right now. >> start voting rate now. >> both candidate crisscross the country. president rally in florida this morning and playing in to ohio. tomorrow iowa. colorado. nevada. then sleeping on air force one anything back to florida thursday then virginia chicago to cast vote early then ohio all over again. mitt romney taking off from florida flying west to nevada tonight here this colorado tomorrow back to nevada, iowa and thursday ohio. president obama fueled by the final debate performance with blistering attack on what he calls romney shifting position. that condition he jokingly calls this. >> we joke about romney amnesia a. this is important. this is a. this is important. this is about trust. romp neetion a firing back the president. >> he has been reduced to try
Oct 26, 2012 9:00pm PDT
lady helps her husband tashingt one group, governor romney counting on very different demographic to win the race for the white house. >>> also ahead. new feature at the popular real estate web site sill 0and raising big concern among privacy spertsd. >> and hope you didn't have the heart set on the new i-pad mini [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >> presidential contest now. new abc news "washington post"poll shows governor romney with 1 point edge and tonight each man making a mad dash now to a key group of vote that's could mean victory for the president.
Oct 24, 2012 9:00pm PDT
developments today. >> this fall, i'm supporting richard murdoch. >> reporter: mitt romney endorsed richard murdoch, but that was before he said this, last night. >> i believe that life begins at conception, i believe that when it begins in the horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended. >> reporter: and today, he reiterated his belief that abortions should be illegal for women who became pregnant because of rape. romney disagrees. but supporters of the president have married the romney endorsement ad to the debate video in their ownspot. >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> reporter: another side show from donald trump. >> i have a deal! for the president-- >> reporter: the real estate mogul and reality star host is offering $5 million to president obama's charity of choice if he releases his passport and college records. for the record, trump is wrong. it is not common practice for presidents to release school and passport records. gloria allred's getting into the glam. she claims to have
Oct 22, 2012 9:00pm PDT
was injured. >>>. [applause] president obama and governor romney meet forth beginning of tonight third final debate before the election. this debate is crucial to both candidates. new abc "washington post"poll shows the race is now at a dead heat. just couple weeks before the election. tonight in boca raton president obama took every chance he could to remind voters that he is the one with experience in foreign policy. here's karen. >>reporter: tonight president obama took every chance he could to remind mitt romney and the voters watching at home that he is the one with experience on foreign policy. >> i know you haven't been in a position to actually execute foreign policy. here's one thing the i have learned as commander in chief. >>reporter: romney tried to neutralize the president right out of the gate. >> i congratulate him on taking out osama bin laden and going after the leadership in al qaeda. but we can't kill our way out of this mess. >>reporter: but the president kept up a steady barrage. >> strategy previously has been one that has been all over the map. and is not desig
Oct 25, 2012 9:00pm PDT
days to go until election day romney moving up in the poll. according to "washington post"survey likely voters today romney support reached 50 periods of time for the first time. to 47 percent for president obama. margin is even wider on the question of who do you trust to handle the economy. 52 percent say romne romney. 43 percent say obama. it is the first time either candidate has held a clear lea lead. the polling indicates that romney is gainingalmost exe men and has the support of 57 percent of independent voters. >>> well the presidential campaign is on track to be the costliest in u.s. history. fundraising is expected to exceed 2 billion dollars. that figure doesn't include almost 130 split by non-profit group not required to file campaign finance report. romney spent the day in ohio where poll show him running behind. no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio so it seems crucial. cincinnati romp i borrowed a lane from president obama 2008 campaign saying it's time for change in washington. >> our campaign is about big things. because we happen to
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5